Retaining Walls In
Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs

Retaining walls are one of the services we do the most frequently here at Eastern Turf & Lawns, with many Australian home owners wanting to have a more structured garden they can compartmentalise as well as starting garden beds to grow their own vegetables and fruits at home. 

Retaining wall gardens can also be a perfect companion when running adjacent to one of our paving or pathing installations with the contrast of a green lawn separated from stone and paving complimenting each other and really making each other visually pop. For this reason we can offer these services together or as part as a wholistic landscape design package.

Retaining Wall Repairs & Replacements In The Eastern Suburbs

Have an existing retaining wall but it is wearing away with time or the contents of it such as soil are having trouble with drainage or composure? Half the job is already done then, we can simply pickup where your last landscaper or DIY project left off and fix up your existing situation with appropriate modern drainage, a modern look or we can start from scratch if you would also like soil or turf replacements.

As with our other services we can include our retaining wall installations with our wholistic landscape design allowing us to reimagine your back yard to achieve your ideal new look or style.

Garden Bed & Sleeper Walls For Your Melbourne Home

Looking to start a new garden section of your yard? Maybe you did a DIY vegetable garden installation over Melbourne’s lockdowns which has now deteriorated or you are just looking to take your presentation and garden organisation to the next level. With our Melbourne sleeper wall installation service we can user sleepers to serve as a retaining wall keeping an elevated garden bed separate from the rest of your garden or soil. 

Adding some character and tidying up your yard aren’t the only reason you should consider a sleeper installation for your vegetable bed, it can actually also improve the health and growth of your plants as it can keep them hydrated for longer and free from interruption by the roots of other plants in your garden.

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